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Useful Information & Rules

Please note

Never hail a cab on the street! Call one of the following numbers to order one! 

Tele 5 Taxi 5-555-555 www.tele5taxi.hu  

Budapest Taxi 4-333-333 www.budapesttaxi.hu  

City Taxi 2-111-111 www.citytaxi.hu  

Fotaxi 2-222-222 www.fotaxi.hu  

Mobil Taxi 333-2222 www.mobiltaxi.hu  

Radio Taxi 7-777-777 www.radiotaxi.hu 

Taxi 2000 2-000-000 www.taxi2000.hu 


Always purchase a ticket for public transportation prior to boarding, DO NOT get on without it and validate it on board.

Do not exchange money on the street!

Tourist cards

Hungarian Tourism Card

Hungary Card featuring 10-100% discounts on railway and coach services, motorway passes, museums, hotels and other accommodation, restaurants, and other service providers.

Budapest Card

When arriving to Hungary, it is worth investing in Budapest Card which offers unlimited travel on all forms of public transports, free or reduced admission to museums and other sights and discounts on organized tours, car rental, at thermal baths and at selected shops and restaurants. It is sold at Tourinform offices, travel agencies, hotels and main metro stations.


Budapest's pharmacies (gyógyszertár in Hungarian) are well stocked and can provide medicaments for most common ailments. Each of the 23 districts has an all-night pharmacy open every day, a sign on the door of any pharmacy will help you locate the closest one.

Public Toilets

Relatively few public toilets exist in Budapest, locals and tourists alike use the restrooms in cafés and restaurants. Quite often a small fee of 80-100 HUF is paid to the attendant at the facilities.

Useful Phone Numbers


112 (English, German and other foreign languages)


107 (English, German and other foreign languages)


104 (English, German and other foreign languages)

Fire Brigade

105 or 321-6216

Phone Directory Hungary


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